Sept. 2, 2020

the time value of life crystals

Now that we've completed Factorio, it's time for adventures in Terraria featuring me ("A factory robot"), newbie ("Kyrie Hotdogger"), and HGR ("Junior Burgeoner"). It's newbie's first time playing Terraria. Exciting stuff. HGR gifted him the game, and he was literally the only person on HGR's friends list not to already have it.

Initially, HGR wasn't planning to join us; he was just going to lurk the Discord call while playing Tactical Nexus. He's been mainlining Tactical Nexus lately and it's very intense. Earlier today, he told me, "This run is a hot mess." Then he started singing:

mess, mess, mess, it's a hot mess

mess, mess, mess, give me a palimpsest

Anyway, newbie started a game on Expert mode. During the first night, zombies were knocking at the door to our house, and newbie let them in, and they killed us. Then I dug up our gravestones so as not to create a graveyard biome, and that spawned ghosts, which killed us again repeatedly. After we both died like a half dozen times each, HGR decided our game sounded interesting enough to play. (This boy has standards.) So that's how Junior Burgeoner joined the squad.

We were spelunking and I found a life crystal, and I decided to let HGR have it. He pickaxed it up, but his inventory was full, so it went into mine instead. The next time I died, I respawned back in town, saw the crystal in my inventory, and used it. HGR heard the sound effect. He was like "Did you use my life crystal?? You owe me a life crystal. Actually, because of the time value of life crystals, you owe me TWO."

"Do life crystals really have a time value?" I asked.


(We eventually settled on one crystal as compensation.)

I haven't touched my own Terraria file for a while now. When I left off, I had built an underground Grand Library in the ice zone, but it's a bad neighborhood and the townspeople refused to move in. I have no regrets; low-income communities deserve libraries too. But I still want that ice pylon. I should probably build a couple of sky houses for the townspeople.

Written by Achaius

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