Sept. 2, 2020

august gratitude

  1. Mom's cooking: salmon! (10x better than my salmon) fresh salsa! pork steak! Korean pancakes!
  2. a long walk in the woods yeahhhhh
  3. I'm glad the artfight site craps out at the start of July every year so we get makeup time in August. I mean this genuinely, I get lots of mileage out of the August time
  4. won the Pixel Power challenge for my sumire/violet isometric room!
  6. walking around the neighborhood, taking pictures of Dad's plants, basking by the water's edge. nothing better
  7. slept early the past three nights (between midnight and 1 am). results: not sleepy in the morning; refreshed by afternoon nap; not sleepy in the evening (no second nap). sleeping early: it works
  8. spent 4+ hours on a sweet artfight pic (jackalope in a ruined city, watching the sky fish go by. gotta love sky fish.) two-point perspective, really like how it turned out
  9. bought a designer two-story house yesterday, moved in today. whee decorating
  10. nebuchadnezzar, my ponyata, brought back toxic waste (1% legendary) from his very first hoard, good job dude
  11. update: in the afternoon he hauled a magenta borderless glass designer table. king nebuchadnezzar is GREAT in this weather
  12. unown GET (remote raid @ Baskin-Robbins)
  13. more drawing: character design! javier the succulent and lemmy the adventurer little blob
  14. a big potato blob for dinner
  15. the house of shattered wings is picking up
  16. the 16 hours today we didn't have a power outage LOL
  17. the power's back!!!
  18. gotta hand it to the ComEd workers literally working through the night to restore power to the neighborhood
  19. beat Omegaland. not the greatest game but it feels good to beat something
  20. fried catfish with sweet chili sauce
  21. INTERNET (...well, intermittent internet. I'll take it)
  22. Dad traded me a Heracross from a trip to Florida. Johto dex complete!
  23. and we two-manned a Genesect raid. ez
  24. and he brought pineapple tarts!
  25. <3 Terraria
  26. pre-peeled garlic is the perfect garlic. it tastes way better than minced bottled garlic, but is also way less work than peeling the bulb and sorting through cloves myself
  27. streaming Terraria for HGR and newbie
  28. chinese fries!
  29. I will never get tired of cottonee spawns. blobs are everywhere in this world
  30. one great thing about Pokemon Go is that it makes me appreciate pokemon that I never really noticed before, like cottonee
  31. so nice out
  32. grocery day is always a good day. hauled everything upstairs, disinfected it and put it away, then relaxed with an easy oven lunch (ft. sweet potato tots)
  33. mongolian BBQ chicken, so good
  34. got flight in terraria yay
  35. the era of shop titans is OVER
  36. a coal mining device that powers itself by feeding itself coal. GENIUS
  37. factorio is picking up! (speaking of #1 on the gas leaderboard)
  38. 33k steps! my #7 score for the year so far
  39. and mongolian BBQ pork steak and playing several hours of factorio with HGR. living the luxury life
  40. got the train system working! welcome to resource city
  41. also, Locomotive Kyle Larouche will forever have on his record "Players killed: HGR: 1"
  42. update: "HGR: 2" (he was afking on the tracks lmao)
  43. underground conveyor belts are a gift to mankind
  44. caught a shiny shellder (been looking for this boy FOREVER) AND hatched a shiny alolan meowth
  45. rocket silo complete. we're almost home!
  46. ooh, got a krash egg
  47. while making a burger for dinner, discovered I was out of hamburger buns. no problem though, I found a can of biscuits in the fridge. time for BISCUIT BURGER
  48. these past couple weeks I've cut down on random internet browsing to spend more time playing games and reading books. this is how life should be
  50. the little potatoes are still okay! (legacy lil potatoes = LLP) garlic butter smosh potatoes with mongolian BBQ pork steak coming right up
  51. aww yeah 3 raid pass box for 1 coin is back
  52. Dad delivers the goods! (the goods: mooncake, pineapple cakes, mochi, red bean bao, homegrown peaches and asian pears) thanks Dad!

Written by Achaius

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