Sept. 2, 2020

An unforgettable outing.

I went out today to buy few art supplies for my commissions. It's been a while since I went out for my own self. I spent a lot of thinking thinking and wondering and observing the world around me. It's a thing I usually do. I like to think and wonder about many things and possibilities. However, if I'm not careful, I might be drowned in my own mind. Still finding balance for that haha.

I remember the colours of that afternoon. The number of people in that train; their actions, their expressions and clothes they wear. I remember the colour tones of that whole picture. It was beautiful. The sun did a wonderful job today, and rain probably decided to take a break (I was soo wrong)

Then spent my afternoon in a cafe doing some thinking and general planning first. Contacted a few people and passed some important documents, when suddenly a friends messaged me to go watch a movie with them. I agreed thinking that the weather would be great all day long.

When it was time to go to meet them, it suddenly rained so hard and the wind was so harsh that my umbrella got broken. I was totally drenched. Luckily there was a flea market that sells pants, shirt and slipper at a very cheap price (at least I matched the colours) and went with it. It was so funny because now I looked like I'm wearing my pajamas to the movies hahaha. Well, another story to tell. There I was in my brand new 'pajamas', at least I tucked my shirt in XD

We went to watched Tenet, and it was... amazing. It's been a while since I saw such a great movie. We had wonderful discussions after that and then bid our farewell. A nice end to a partially chaotic day.

Written by elvena_art

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