Sept. 6, 2020

A change of place

Finally moved in and my housemates are all very nice and helpful. I sorted out all my stuff and also planned what to do for next week. I realised most of them are busy and rarely at home, hence the house is a bit messy haha. I'll clean the whole place tomorrow (I like cleaning anyway) while getting my own stuff done. This is the least I can do since they let me stay for free.

Oh and they have a swimming pool! I'll be sure to have my fun time there hehe. I'm in no rush like them so I guess this is a good change of pace.

My artwork is in progress and will finish soon. I like this one because it captured the mood and story I wanted to bring. I will colour them but will be careful on it. I don't want to pick the wrong colours.

All in all, I guess today is a good and peaceful day. It hasn't always been good but I'm grateful nevertheless. To exciting and productive days onwards :)

Written by elvena_art

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