Sept. 6, 2020

It was a nice day.

I remember now...I didn't write the journal yesterday, so I forgot that last night when my friend called back, talking about things that I was uninterested, I'd being honest to my feelings and told him the truth, except that time I seemed to sound at rage(which actually I didn't.). To summarize, he was nice and kind, but he can't help but always talking things that interested him only, just like me.

He was faltered, surprisingly, for no one has ever compliment him. I'm the first one who told him he was nice. He then told me my tone when talking fascinated him.

Just to be clear, this was no one's fault.

Today's conversation was still peaceful, except I don't have to mind being honest with him. I guess him still being nice was because he might looked up to me? Heaven knows.


I cut my hair after lunch. The hairstylist(and also the manager) looked about a few years older than me. We talked a lot, start from the hairstyle he recommended, to whether he was happy with his job, then to what I want to do in the future, and the lifestyle I wanted.

"I feel like you have a mindset that's different and wider than what people mostly have, it's just you may not yet discovered." He said.

People appreciate for my musical talent, but rarely my personality. If someone does, it's just being honest. I don't know if his words is true.

But nonetheless, that was a joyful conversation.

Written by MandySakura

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