Sept. 8, 2020

Today feels a bit different

Well it's not actually that different.

First of all, surprisingly I woke up exactly at 9 am. Normally I would scrolling at the phone until about 11 am.

And then I went to school to be my friend's page turner. Unluckily, it turned out our teacher had changed the venue when I was in the subway. She didn't inform me earlier, so I received this news after I finished my lunch at the cafeteria, and was waiting at the chapel. Which means I had to take another hour just to go back home......

She then surprised that I didn't get further information about my internship. When I got home and check Messenger, my teacher asked me to include my qualifications in vocal and piano, and a photo(My mom said it's unnecessary! But I guess they really want to know how I looked, so it can't be helped.)

Forget about the unlucky afternoon. Things went smoothly later. I've finished the latest chapter of the fanfic translation, and my vocal skills finally improved just a little bit. Recitative is new to me, but I think I can catch up in a few days.

Written by MandySakura

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