Sept. 9, 2020

work-burger balance


It's common wisdom that one of the difficulties with working from home is maintaining proper work-life balance. I normally have no trouble with this. But last night at 1 am, after our Terraria session concluded, I found myself working on my latest project. I didn't plan to do any work; I just kind of drifted into it. I found myself revising my text, rewording a few sentences, that kind of thing. Then I wrote a few paragraphs. Then I started doing research. Before I knew it, it was 2 am, and I was very tired, and I thought I had planned to get an early night?

Now it's midday and I've predictably been sleepy all day. I really need to get my sleep back on track.


It's Labor Day and I'm sitting here alone at my computer, eating a cheese quesadilla for lunch. A pretty typical Labor Day. Well, normally I'd at least make burgers or brats or something, but I'm out. Gonna get a big delivery of groceries tomorrow.


Groceries get AND project complete! I emailed my file to my boss at around 6 pm, which I figure isn't too far off normal working hours. Time to celebrate with a burger for dinner.

  • burger toppings: sauteed mushrooms and onions, mozzarella cheese, honey BBQ sauce
  • side: waffle-cut fries

After that, it was back to Terraria with newbie. (HGR was not feeling well and couldn't come.) We've been trying to beat Skeletron for the past two (real-time) nights. My previous weapon loadout was not even semi-functional for combat and we literally hit enrage. Then meisnewbie our BARD suggested I use a BOW and that improved our dps dramatically. On our last run of the night we wiped at like 5%. We'll get him next time for sure.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Sep 09, 2020

I haven't played Terraria in a long time! Sounds like a lot of fun. work burger balance is absolutely key 😉

Posted On Sep 10, 2020

@iyazo It sure is :D

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