Sept. 9, 2020

Don't Give Up and Keep It Going

8:16 PM

I have homework due tonight. I hope it's not a lot, I don't even know what I have to do. One of my classes is web development which I already know pretty well, the other one is math and I probably have to brush up on that. I haven't checked yet but hope my homework is due at 12:55 AM and not 11:55 PM, because I could use that extra hour... I just checked, and, woohoo! Homework is due at 12:55 AM tonight which gives me an extra hour.

Yeah the math homework I need to brush up on. I am looking at it now and I do not get it. There's a bunch of math problems which I don't know how to solve, I have to read and study the materials first.

For the web development class, it's ultra simple. I don't even have to look up any references to answer the questions. I could probably do this homework assignment in like 30 minutes, so let me go ahead and do that. I'll work on my easy web development homework now, and then work on my harder math homework later.

8:55 PM

Okay I finished my web development homework. I still have my math one. I guess I'll work on that next. I'll work on half of my math homework next, then go out for a drive, come back, and then finish the rest of my homework.

9:13 PM

I still haven't completed my math homework yet. There were some minor additions I had to do for my web development homework, but now I can say that is completely done.

For my math homework, I now have to read about 50 pages of math material. I have never done this once in my life, so let's go ahead and start now. I wonder if I'll be able to learn anything? I wonder if I'll be able to solve the problems presented in my homework after I read through these chapters. Let's go ahead and find out.

4:53 AM (of Thursday, September 10th 2020)

Oops I fell asleep. Dang it haha. What ended up happening is I was studying, I read about 10-20 pages, and I could have probably done half of the homework problems by the time I went to sleep. but then I just decided to "take a nap" and that ended up lasting. The first reaction I had when I woke up, because I missed all the homeork assignments for this first week in math, was to drop the course. I loaded up the page and was about to drop it, then I realized, you know what? This first week didn't have too many assignments. Okay sure I missed like 5% in grades due to this, but whatever. It's still salvageable in my opinion.

I'm not dropping this math course. I'll continue working with it. I'm also going to continue writing in my journals and such publcicly again. I just reset all of my "streaks" and so I'll continue working on those. The last day I can drop this math course is September 30th, so if I can get like 100% basically on all my assignments until then, then I'll keep the course. If I end up getting some more bad grades until then, then I'll have to drop. No choice.

So yeah that was basically my day today. Some more drama and such happened again on Discord. Oh well. That's kind of my life right now. I'm going to do a fast tomorrow and just do a complete dopamine detox. I don't know how viable that is with Discord and all, but that's what I'll try out. Fast for an entire day, no entertainment (except Discord) and we'll see how hat goes.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Sep 11, 2020

Glad to hear that you're working hard and pushing through!! What's a dopamine detox?

Posted On Sep 11, 2020

@iyazo stopping all forms of entertainment

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