Sept. 14, 2020

these mortals are (not) so easily bested

After a month-long hiatus, we're back to raiding! We had a variety of issues that kept us from meeting for the past month (Silver oversleeping, Silver having finals, Kan's computer issues and my internet outages, and Silver oversleeping). HGR was logged off for so long that leadership of the free company passed to GANON. He's currently in negotiations to get it back.

At least with patch 5.3 we're free of the tyranny of Ramuh, so we can dive right into getting killed by Ifrit/Garuda. Today was mostly a review and refinement session. We're working on consistently getting the whole team to Raktapaksa so that we can practice conflag strike. We made some very mild prog by reaching the end-of-conflag air bump. (Only two or three of us were still alive. I was not one of them. Boing!!)

Heat schedule: (read it and weep)

  • phase 1: opener [barrel stabilizer][wildfire]
  • phase 2: at the very start, get to D, spend 150 heat [barrel stabilizer][wildfire]
  • after football/dps tethers
  • (phase 3: lol)
  • phase 4: at the very start [wildfire] (this is where I'd use my second pot if we were using pots)


Meanwhile, on the home front, newbie is still mainlining Factorio.

  • (11:12:38 AM) Dante: newbie whats plan
  • (11:14:14 AM) meisnewbie: I'm factorio
  • (11:14:20 AM) Dante: hi factorio

newbie's bases are enormous and impeccably organized. Clean spacious layouts, everything optimized. I'm jealous. He has legions of flying robots constantly flitting around and ferrying supplies, as well as a huge train network with signals and track switching. He's promised Dante (who works in nuclear) that he'll develop nuclear power before completing the game. But he hasn't automated purple potion production because it's a huge pain. FOR SHAME NEWBIE. EVEN WE AUTOMATED PURPLE POTIONS.

Written by Achaius

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