Sept. 21, 2020

a foolish dreamer

"Call me naive," said numbers, "a foolish dreamer, but I really thought we were going to start raid within half an hour of our scheduled time."

Everyone except Kan had checked in by 1:03, and Kan was active on discord, so numbers pinged him: "Kanzaris, you around too?" Kan did not respond and, shortly thereafter, went idle.

Silver said, "I see Kanzaris has failed us for the last time."

"Is it the last time?" said numbers.

"No, it's not."

We hung around for an hour and a half watching Dante stream Hades (good times) (@HadesDirge: "I wanna play Hades game") and then gradually dispersed.

Kan later showed up and apologized. Apparently, he thought our starting time was 12:30 rather than 1. So today, he showed up "on time" (12:30), saw only a couple people on, settled in to wait, and then fell asleep.

(lol if this guy is for real, he's been thinking we're all chronically late for the past six months and hasn't said anything. this is, of course, exacerbated by our ACTUAL chronic lateness issues, but sometimes we manage to get together by 1:10 or so)

In the evening, newbie streamed Factorio. He's already beat the game on two worlds, Sadisfactory and Cantalouping, and is now deep into postgame on Cantalouping. There's a certain kind of guy who just gloms onto games like Factorio, and newbie is very much that kind of guy. He constantly dreams about the game. He can't stop thinking about ways to optimize his base. And I gotta admit, the robot stuff is cool. He can copy-paste sections of his base and his robots will just grab the necessary materials and construct it all. He can be like "I want some green circuits" and 20 robots will instantly fly over and fulfill his request. They look so happy! They love helping out!

To be fair, when I first started playing Factorio, I also dreamed about it for like a week straight, but it tapered off once we hit the very long endgame. I kind of want to get back to my solo game (I'm very early, I just started steel production), Too much other stuff I want to do. Reading books! Drawing stuff for the board 8 Halloween aquarium! Enjoying the cool September weather!

Written by Achaius

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