Sept. 21, 2020

mid-september resolutions

(because we can't let the new year hog all the resolutions)

1. Go outside every day.

Every evening, my phone faithfully gives me a notification about the next day's weather, which I appreciate. I like the implication that this is relevant news for me.

Back in March I'd take a balcony walk every day and it was a huge mood booster. My balcony walks tapered off during the summer, partly because it was oppressively hot and muggy, but also because it was easier not to bother putting on socks and shoes and stepping out that door. I fell into the habit of just doing all my walking in the living room.

Now it's fall, aka the best time of the year, and I'm determined to enjoy it as best I can. So, a resolution: I will go outside every day. Depending on mood and weather, I might not do a full half-hour walk, but I'm still gonna head out there. (And anyway, stepping outside is usually the difficult part.) I'll probably revisit this resolution once we hit the dead of winter. Maybe I'll set a temperature floor. Teens are fine, but there's no point venturing out in subzero weather if I don't have to.

2. Draw every day.

I've come to the conclusion that Artfight 2020 turned out subpar because I was really rusty. Gotta get that practice in! So, daily drawing it is. It doesn't have to be anything polished or post-worthy; in fact I'd rather have sketchy experimental stuff that expands my horizons than a bunch of same-y static poses.

This dovetails nicely with inktober next month. At the end of October, I'll revisit this resolution. I don't want to burn myself out because, in the long run, that results in even longer periods of inactivity; so I might give it a rest once October is over.

Written by Achaius

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