Sept. 21, 2020

There's actually plenty of time

5:24 AM

Today is Monday, September 21st and today I realized there's practically more than enough time for me to do anything that I want, I just have to make time and avoid distractions. How do I know this? Because tonight most of what I did was just watch some movies for several hours straight, and I realize I could have been doing a lot of other things instead.

So the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was manage the Habitica challenges I hosted. I closed some of them off, and remade new ones. After that I was then uselessly on Discord a lot, and chatted a lot. That's 3+ hours gone, just like that.

The work day today was good, I managed to get a decent amount of work done. It was basically full-on concentration at work today, not much non-work related stuff that I had to worry about. Lately I've been very satisfied with what I've been able to get done at work, my productivity and amount of stuff I've been getting done has started to pick up. That includes today, I was able to get some things sorted, which is nice I guess. Very cool.

After work was when I had a lot of free time. I signed off work at around 5:30 PM, around the time my other co-workers online stopped replying to my messages since they had also gone offline. I had so much time after this. Just yesterday I was able to complete a good amount of the project I wanted to work on in the morning, and I was extremely satisfied at the progress. It's going well. I think things are going well, but I haven't worked on it since.

I could have worked on the project further, or exercised, or worked on homework, or caught up on my logs or any of the other things that I'm behind on, but I didn't. I chose to watch some movies online instead.

Anyway now that I realize there's plenty of time for me to do whatever, we'll see what I do tomorrow. Let's hope I'm able to get some things done finally.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Sep 24, 2020

I'm guilty of doing that too- I'll watch a bunch of episodes of a show or play a game for hours and the time disappears before I know it. I don't really have much else to do though as far as responsibilities so for me it isn't that bad if I do it...

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