Sept. 23, 2020

Did Homework Early

10:29 PM

My homework is due in about 2 hours and 30 minutes, but guess what? I have already done my homework.Okay I realize that's not really much to brag about, but it is when most of the time I'm turning my homework in literally within the last 5 minutes of my homework being due. Doing homework 3 hours before it's due, that's a big deal for me. Of course I had an entire week to do the assignment, if I really wanted to do it early I would have done it the same day it was due.

Today was a full work concentration day. Work wanted a bunch of stuff done by last week (they didn't really give me a due date but they just wanted it done ASAP, while giving me a bunch of other stuff that did have due dates so I worked on those first). Anyway today was a full work concentration day. I didn't get distracted by Discord at all basically. I'm starting to lose my Interest in the groups I was in and having fun in. I dunno, it just becomes tiresome after a while.

I'm going to do this one "big" project (it's not really that huge, but it is for me), and then I'm done I guess. I'll keep watch over the project, but I'm not going to mess around with it anymore. I have lost so much time, and so much money, in these online activities, and the sooner I quit the better. I would have been far far better off if I never started. Oh and the amount of time I've lost span days and weeks, and I think the time I've lost is a lot more valuable.

But anyway, yeah. Today has been quite the exceptional day lately. I've done slightly more than I normally would have. But anyway that was my day today. I didn't go outside the home or anything, I didn't exercise either, but I did get my homework done a few hours earlier than before they were due. It's a start!

Written by JustMegawatt

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