Sept. 26, 2020

Worked on project all day today

7:49 AM (of Sunday, September 27th 2020)

Today is Saturday, September 26th 2020 and The "lucky" thing I mentioned a few days ago turned out to not be lucky at all haha. It was just a stupid waste of time, and I even lost money there too! Geez.

Anyway today, Saturday, I spent all day working on my project. Pretty much all day, morning until night. I did take a break every now and then to watch parts of a movie or something, and I had some videos or music playing in the background maybe 25% of the time, but the rest of it I was working.

Having "connections" in Discord didn't really help at all. We had to find people to get into the project ourselves. Being popular in some Discord servers didn't help much either. Being popular got "some" attention, but overall that's just about 5-10% of what we were able to get on our own with our own marketing.

Anyway the project is full steam ahead at this point. We are launching it in a few days and I hope it turns out well for everyone involved. It is an anonymous project, so I will want to remain anonymous for it there and here, so I'm not mentioning what it is. But yeah I hope the project turns out great. I worked on it all day today. All freaking day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Sep 27, 2020

Hope it works out!

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