Sept. 30, 2020

wakeup call

Got woken up at 9:30 am by the fire alarm going off. Ever since quarantine began, we've been getting intermittent fire alarms, and it's invariably nothing, but still, gotta take every fire alarm seriously. It's what Gideon would do. Besides, I really shouldn't be sleeping in this late on workdays. I grabbed my cell phone and keys and headed outside.

It was a tad cool out. Belatedly I checked my phone and saw it was 51 degrees. Around seven of us were gathered around the entrance in socially-distanced groups; none of the other residents bothered responding to the call.

A fire engine pulled up, and it was clear the firefighters were in no hurry either. I bet they're sick of always being called out here for nothing. We waited around for a while until one of the firefighters gave us the all-clear. He wasn't even suited up for a fire, just wearing a sweater and jeans. He knew the score.

I decided to count the episode as a good thing because I got to enjoy the cool morning air and also got to check off my daily "walk outside" task on Habitica. I told myself I'd probably take an additional balcony walk later, but I didn't.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Oct 01, 2020

9:30 is pretty late to be waking up XD, other people are usually at work 30 minutes before that

But yeah the weather outside is nice now, I prefer the cool weather to the hot. Walking outside really early or really late I think is a good experience too, because there's usually not many other people outside during that time

Posted On Oct 01, 2020

@JustMegawatt Yeah, working from home has really spoiled me. It's gonna be so weird when things go back to normal and I'm back to catching the 7:30 am train.

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