Sept. 30, 2020

Project Failed

8:37 AM (of Thursday, October 1st 2020)

Today is Wednesday, September 30th 2020 and it's the last day of September. Today was the launch of our project and I can say it was a complete failure. We had thousands of people in our groups, but barely anyone chipped in to fund the project. We still technically got a few thousand I guess, but the way the project is going I'm guessing we'll have to refund them all.

It was a complete disaster. Dead on arrival project. No hype, no interest, nothing. I already put in several hundred dollars and I'm hesitating in putting anymore in order to keep the project afloat.

I had a normal workday before the launch of the project, I was working basically on one particular thing at work but I didn't get much of it done. I kept running into problems I wasn't able to resolve but just had to keep thinking about.

A few hours after work was when we launched our project, and basically nothing resulted from it. It's easy to gauge how successful a project would be, I think, like 1-2 hours after launch in the space we launched it in. If it failed to gain traction then, it's unlikely to ever gain traction. But yeah, we made announcements, launched it, had hundreds of viewers looking at it right away, but no money coming in. I was very depressed and so were the people I was working with when we got our results. We felt a little desperate.

I went to bed and I just thought about all the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I had wasted all month. It all went to thin air. I guess I have "experience" now, but I don't know if that's even worth anything.

There was homework due tonight and I did half of it before I fell asleep. I guess I shouldn't do my homework lying down. I luckily woke up about 2 hours before the homework was due though, and I was able to get it done. It was a really bad effort in my opinion and my answers weren't that great, but still, I had managed to complete the homework assignment.

My mind was put way too much into the project and not into anything else. Because I'm writing this entry the next day, I can happily say I invested my time in better activities the next morning. I woke up, read a bit of a book as I was in the bathroom, and then I went for a jog outside. It had been about 1.5 months since I had done any exercises such as walking or anything at all, and I have gained probably like 10-20 pounds since then, but still I managed to run around 3.5 miles today which is not bad. I did walk a little bit though, just because I was starting to fatigue a lot about 70% of the way, but I ran pretty much 95% of the way even though it's been a long time since I did anything physical.

After running outside, I came back home and ended the Habitica challenges I hosted. That was a lot of fun and very peaceful. I then started writing up this entry. So that's several things I did right today. I think I'm going to leave this project in the past and just forget about it altogether. It was a failure, I could have spent my time doing other more productive things, but I can't change that now. Tomorrow is a new day and month and I have already done much better with it in the first few hours than I have basically all month.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Oct 02, 2020

Sorry to hear that it wasn't a success, but I'm glad that you're already moving on to different things and staying productive and not letting it get you down. Sounds like this month is off to a great start :)

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