Oct. 2, 2020


4:45 AM (of Saturday, October 3rd 2020)

Today is Friday, October 2nd 2020 and yesterday morning (Thursday) I decided to jog outside for the first time in months. I can't believe at the beginning of the year I had completed a half-marathon and was ready for a full marathon. I think my life goes in phases. I had huge interest in running at the beginning of the year, so that's what I did. I got to an "okay" level, I could have ran a marahon in probably 5.5 hours which is actually kind of slow but pretty good for me considering I just started running in December. I think a "good" level is Boston Marathon Qualifier level, which is being able to run a marathon in under 3 hours, but yeah I didn't reach that level.

And then at some point I got my bike repaired, and then I started bicycling everywhere all the time. That was another phase. And then I eventually reached the walking and productivity phase, this was an awesome phase for me to be in. I'd basically get so much work done and was so organized and conscientious. And then I went into this new phase where I'd play around with whatever money I had and basically gamble it online. Then I started working on my own project to get more money, and that was another phase I went through.

Basically I start getting interested and then completely obsessed by a new topic. I'd learn enough and do enough to get to an average or above average level, before quitting and finding something new. I know I'm above average in everything I've tried because my resting heartrate per minute when I was running was in the low 50s at some point. That's something to brag about for sure, and I barely even ran. Sure my times weren't great, but my heart beats per minute were above average, and I could keep a 5 MPH pace and have only like mid 130s HBPM. It's not phenomenal, but I think that's above average at least.

For cycling, I wasn't sure if I was above average, but I was able to bicycle up hills that other people walked their bikes up. My turning and bike handling was below average though, there were just turns I couldn't yet handle even at my peak. However, there were many turns I couldn't handle at all in the beginning that I was eventually able to conquer by the end of my bicycling phase. There were also a few times where I "raced" and passed other people on a bike. I was passed one time though going up this hill and I was on the sidewalk with lots of bumps and there was this guy on the flat road. I mean just random bumps doesn't sound like a good excuse, but I've written about it a bunch of times even before I was passed, where there was just this very bumpy part of the sidewalk that was difficult to get through because there were these triangle shaped wedges jutting out (maybe because of tree roots?) everywhere.

Then my conscientious phase and walking phase, that was so enjoyable. I had a really good time in that phase. I just listened to some audio mostly while walking outside in various places. At home I would do productive things. I'd be very organized in my life and everything was tracked. I liked that phase and one I am trying to get back to, but there's a bunch of things I've neglected and now have to catch up to. I estimate it's going to take me days/weeks to catch up on everything.

Anyway today I went out again to run, but my thighs were so stiff that I couldn't lift my legs up. This was the first time I was experiencing this, but my legs sort of felt "cramped" I guess, just not listening to what I was telling it to do. So this is what physical limitations feel like. Normally in movies or shows everyone is so agile and have limitless energy, and I felt that way at some point I guess, but not now. I couldn't even lift my legs up to jog and I tried! I was like okay, I'm gonna just try jogging, but then I couldn't. I guess that's what happens when you don't walk or jog or anything for months and just sit at home the entire time, and then you just start running 3.5 miles out of nowhere.

The funny thing is that I weighed myself today and I just shot up like 5 pounds in one day. I think that's from regaining some muscle, or maybe my thighs readjusting itself to retain more water or something? I don't know. I just know that the past 1.5 months I had no exercise activity whatsoever, not even walking, and I just sat at home or lied down. I think some parts of me atrophied, some muscles were turned into fat, and now they were transforming back? Something like that? That would be my theory with the quick weight gain overnight.

Anyway because I couldn't run, I just walked the entire 3.5 miles. It took me like 2 hours to do the entire thing, and it was such a far distance. I was feeling so out of it during the beginning because I knew how far I had to walk and it was taking forever. When I got back home that morning, I don't even know if I worked on anything. I ate breakfast and then work started I guess.

At work though, it was a good experience. I was able to complete a decent amount of a work project I've been working on all week, and I also got into a meeting with someone who just in case they got a nice opportunity elsewhere, wanted to create a guide for whoever was taking his role. I will probably work on the work project I almost finished over the weekend too, to see if I can finish it all before Monday.

After work I just chillaxed. I put up some enjoyable movies. I fell asleep at around 9 PM which is exceptionally early again. Great job me, today was an alright day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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