Oct. 3, 2020

september gratitude

wow, it's been a month already!

  1. terraria time with newbie and HGR
  2. flurry of random back-and-forth stuff at work has died down, and I had a really productive day. should finish soon!
  3. over at popsugar, someone thought I was a high school English teacher, which I find weirdly flattering
  4. this event is a total hodgepodge but it's great. farming rhyhorn candy, hunting for shiny aerodactyl/omanyte/lotad. also lotad's big lilypad and dumb face makes me happy every time
  5. newbie streaming factorio, great comfort food broadcast. newbie looking at a row of miners: "why are these not working" newbie they're backwards
  6. finished the day with a 98-minute walk to hit 30k, and got through the entirety of genesis sloth 1. now that's productivity
  7. labor day whee
  8. and more mochi and pineapple cakes thanks to DAD
  9. a perfect september day. 61 degrees out, sunny and breezy
  10. after putting away the groceries, kicking back with a chocolate ice cream cone
  11. FINALLY beat skeletron (also, rare sighting of HGR in Terraria!)
  12. LMAO board 8 discord threatened with deletion over smfffc drama (it won't happen, but it's still hilarious)
  13. this peanut mochi is great. king mochi indeed
  14. so while we were playing terraria, newbie went afk in town for his weekly family conference; and then there was a BLOOD MOON and I rushed to his side to defend him; and then I got a flying piggy bank
  15. another stunning september day! I was concerned that the newly painted balcony seemed slick in yesterday's rain, but to my relief it was fine today
  16. !raid!
  17. also for the first time in months I am CAUGHT UP on the MSQ and it feels great
  18. woo short project quick turnaround time
  19. put this down under benefits of working from home: while waiting for my meeting to start, I caught a shiny yanma. can't do that in the office
  20. playing terraria with newbie AND HGR. getting those hardmode ores
  21. niantic's birthday present to me: my pokemon of the day is a shiny patrat
  23. thanks for the chocolate cake dad!!
  24. downloaded keytweak to DISABLE my 9 key. this is a gamechanger. I can type normally now omg
  25. morning balcony walk, cool and sunny. a perfect day
  26. omg my old boss texted to wish me happy birthday!
  27. finally my work email is fixed (simple troubleshoot, did not require phone calls)
  28. new event's been up for two hours and I already caught the event shiny (Doduo)
  29. pretty cool to watch the guys sealcoating the parking lot. fresh blacktop is v satisfying
  30. living in style with othima's memento as my desktop background
  31. I know I keep saying this, but it's SO nice out
  32. hey these hands look pretty decent!!
  33. revelation space is really good so far
  34. (which is fortunate because I need to read the sequel for popsugar lol)
  35. FINALLY got past conflag strike. prog! prog! prog!
  36. riverside mansion get. one of the big players now
  37. balcony walk at dusk, a soft chill in the air, very peaceful
  38. troubleshooting session with newbie over discord; I used screen share and he was able to fix my computer issues
  39. and he set up a test zoom meeting to double-check my audio/video for tomorrow’s event, thanks dude
  40. zoom meeting went off without a hitch

Written by Achaius

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