Oct. 3, 2020

Chilled at Home

5:52 AM (of Sunday, October 4th 2020)

Today is Saturday, October 3rd 2020 and I mostly just chilled at home today. I woke up pretty early, at around 5 AM. I fell asleep the night before at around 11 PM. I could have done a bunch of productive things today, but I just didn't.

Anyway I walked outside in the morning and it was pretty dang cold. My thighs were still a bit stiff from jogging the other day, and so I just walked around the neighborhood. I noticed that even though it was super cold, my breath wasn't that visible. Yesterday (Friday) though, after over an hour of walking, my breath changed by itself to be so much more visible. I think that was my fat burning metabolism kicking in expelling more carbon, and just making my breath extremely visible. Unfortunately I was like 5 minutes away from home ta that point and it just kicked in very late.

But yeah what was interesting about that is I was walking for over an hour in the sort of cold, with barely visible breath. At some point it just miraculously turned into something extremely visible. When I say extremely visible, I mean I could breath out of my nose and there would be this large white smokey substance emerging from it, it was the most visible breath I've ever seen. When my breath became that visible, I noticed it right away and started to play around with it. It lasted even until I got back home, but yeah it came out of nowhere.

Today I walked in a much colder climate just wearing shorts this time, and my breath was barely visible. I even tried holding my breath in and breathing out heavier to try and make my breath more visible, but nada. It wasn't as visible as yesterday (Friday) after walking for an hour, because literally breath from my nose was fully visible.

Anyway the rest of the day I just stayed at home, arguably not doing much. I watched a bunch of different shows and movies, I chat a bunch on Discord, and yeah I even ended up refunding people. It took me like 1-2 hours to gather everyone who took part and refund them.

That was pretty much my entire day. I had so much time to do whatever I wanted, and I guess I used that time on watching entertainment.

Written by JustMegawatt

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