Oct. 5, 2020

Feeling Very Satisfied

6:36 AM (of Wednesday, October 6th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, October 5th 2020 and I ended today feeling very satisfied. I basically finalized what I'm doing with my online "gambling" activities and that's coming to a close soon. I'm still in a bunch of Discords and currently still spend way too much time in those groups, but with some decisions I made today that's coming to a close soon. I won't completely stop my activities, but I'll just drastically decline my involvement and time that I put in.

My online activities are kind of stressful and pretty risky, which is why at some points last month I lost sleep or I would only sleep for a few hours and then wake up shortly after with the stress building up. A lot of that has calmed down today. I'm no longer as stressed with these activities slowly coming to a halt.

Work was alright today. I got a small amount of work done. Wasn't bad.

After work was when I kind of finalized some things with my current activities. This has really been taking up too much of my time, so it's great that I have waned a bit on this.

I wanted to walk outside at night, but again I felt really sleepy at around 9 PM and fell asleep around that time too. I downloaded a bunch of audio ready for me to listen to as I walk, I just need to make myself go out there. Anyway that was my day today. Wasn't too exciting.

Written by JustMegawatt

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