Oct. 7, 2020

2020/10/07 - Blessings < Hallelujah



Our GLB teacher said at the end of the lesson that we should bring blankets to school after the holidays. It is cold! Strange is, that last year in winter we had the windows open as well - i was cold as well, but i think not as much as now. I considered blankets a few weeks ago when i still had the seat next to the window, but it feels inaprropriate...

And in math we didn't do anything because it isn't worth starting a new topic now, one half wrote an examen beginning the second math lesson, so we were able to do homework. The one who suggested homework started to play "Among us" with the others. I googled on my phone because our English task was to write a letter to the editr and i didn't quite know how to do that. Then our teacher suddenly said my name and "You wanted to do homework"... I was a bit shocked but not really surprised, as i was on my phone. So i defended myself saying i am googling for the task, and there she said she didn't mean me she wanted to say the name of the other person... I laughed but for some reason my eyes teared as well...

Even though we had two lesson off = around 2h earlier at home and more time - i didn't do anything! Nearly. I talked with my mom, then decided to take a shower and saw it was already 3pm!!! I had an appointment (Our teacher said today that "appointment" is official, what do you say when you meet with a friend?) with Lea at 15:30. When i came out of the shwoer it was a few minutes before. How did i take so long...

But now it's 47, and she still hasn't called. I wonder what the reason is. I'll do some tasks and draw a bit, later I'll probably get a message or sth.

I just got a call from Peter- He found a sponsor who will pay everything!! The whole incoice amount of 192€!!! for the Cambridge Certificate C1!!!

I'm overwhelmed and happy at the same time!!!


Ich bin irgendwann kurz nach 21 Uhr ins Bett gegangen, war so irgendwie am schlafen, kommt gegen 22 Uhr Mama rein und fragt, ob ich Schupfnudeln essen möchte. Da kann ich ja nicht nein sagen. Mit Brokkoli. Jetzt ist es 23:15...

Antio 🦊

Written by Plesi`

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