Oct. 7, 2020

No Homework Today

7:22 AM (of Thursday, October 8th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, October 7th 2020 and today was another normal day for the most part. I woke up, brushed my teeth, ate some breakfast, cleaned up a bit, and browsed the Internet for a while before work started.

At work I just worked on whatever normal tasks I had, and overall it was a good time. Back when I used to go to the office, it was just this bland room I was stuck in, dark and gray, and I would just sit in my cubicle and do nothing but work the entire time. That's how I got so much done, because there were absolutely no distractions or anything. At home I have some windows in front of me and I can see cars going by. I can put up a video or a movie while I work, I can have music playing in my room, I can go to the kitchen at anytime to eat. Lots of distractions to be had at home, which is why I'm slightly less productive here.

Today though I wanted to get some real work done, so I took off all the distractions and just worked. I got into a flow state and got a normal amount done I guess. I think I do alright.

After work was when I realized it was actually Wednesday today and not yesterday. I had gone through the entire day thinking it was Thursday, and that tomorrow was Friday. I was very shocked to find out that wasn't the case. One good thing that came about that is that I completed my homework one day earlier than normal, yesterday. Actually it turns out most people turn in their homework the day it's due, because there was only like 25% the normal amount of forum discussion posts I would normally see when I did my homework. On the last day is when it really picks up and lots of people start turning in their assignments, I just happen to usually be one of the very last posts most of the time so I get to see the result at the end when there's 100+ posts instead of just 25.

I went to sleep at around 10 PM. There wasn't much else to do, and I felt a little bored. I wanted to walk outside, but I felt way too sleepy to do that. Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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