March 19, 2020

First Day Working From Home

7:15 (of Monday, March 23rd 2020)

Today is Thursday, March 19th, 2020 and it's the first day for me working from home. Well, I actually did work from home a bunch of times at my old job, but this is my first time working from home at this current job. I forgot to mention this in yesterday's entry, but someone in the office coughed at me yesterday. He came in sick and sniffled as he came by my desk for something and started talking to me. During the conversation, he coughed directly at me without covering his mouth. What the heck. I told my parents this last night, and they were hysterical about it. Someone that is even slightly sick, during these conditions we currently live in, should not be coming into the office.

Well today I just decided to work from home. I created a ticket in the work system requesting that I get VPN access today so that I can work from home. They said it was already turned on, cool. Normally you do have to create a ticket for it to be turned on, for any day that you want it to be turned on. Due to the current conditions we're having, I assume they just left it open for everybody. Fair enough. I mean, my gym is cancelled, my marathon I signed up for was cancelled, cruise was cancelled, airports are closed, restaurants are closed, many sporting events are cancelled (maybe even the olympics), lots of people are working from home now. So I shouldn't have been surprised that it was closed.

Well I did some work in the morning, not anything super difficult, it did take me a while to finish though. After that, I went outside and drove around, and then I reached this cool trail parking I've never been to before except on foot, and then I parked and walked around. This is a very popular trail, I have reached this destination a few times already on foot or on bike, but I never knew where this exact parking spot was. Well now I found it for the first time, and the parking lot was filled with people.

I walked about half a mile, having passed by dozens of people and dozens of people having passed by me. I realized at that point that there were too many people around me, and that I should definitely go home because this is an easy place for disease to spread. I started walking back to my car, got back in, and drove off. There was an event where a lady honked at me thinking I was going into her lane. Wtf, no, I was waiting until she passed by. I just shook my head at that person who basically honked at me for no reason. Basically I just started signalling as they were on my right, they honked thinking I was just going to merge instantly, no lady I was waiting until you passed by. Anyway that event stood out. The rest of the drive home was normal.

At home I ddin't even bother checking my work email or anything like that. Read up on tomorrow's entry because I got a bunch o messages including from my boss telling me basically "why aren't you replying" when I should have been working from home. I got back home after 5 PM and I think I dove straight into Path of Exile, or something. I have no idea what I did. I think I may have watched a lot of other videos too. I mean it was an entire evening. I don't know what I did for that evening. I didn't resume work emails because t was already passed 5 PM.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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