Oct. 11, 2020

officer M

Doing some light midnight reading about a cop who applied for, and was denied, a disability pension on grounds that he was mentally unfit for duty.

Dr. ___ also noted in his report that during the interview Officer M expressed a deep hatred for African-Americans, whom he referred to throughout the session by using a derogatory racist slur. [...] M told Dr. ___ that “[w]hat goes on at the job now is different. It used to be I cared about people—now if a[n] [African-American] is laying on the street I'd just drive by.”

The doctor further noted that M "exhibited traits of paranoia where African-Americans were concerned" and gave "dramatic descriptions of how he would shoot a[n] [African-American] if he had a gun and was on duty and saw one."

The Board didn't buy it. It found that M was faking his "aggressively bigoted persona" in order to get free money, and denied his application. Fair, next. But the implication is that if cop work genuinely turned him into an unhinged homicidal bigot, he would've been entitled to a pension on the public dime, which is appalling. I mean, nothing in his alleged persona seemed like a disability? He was just a piece of garbage?

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Oct 12, 2020

Yeah that is really messed up!

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