March 21, 2020

A Saturday Where I Didn't Do Much

7:53 (of Monday, March 23rd 2020)

Today is Saturday, March 21st 2020. To be honest, I can't recall much that I did today. I do recall finding another interesting YouTuber named "Daily Rant Australia" who I found after searching for reasons to quit Path of Exile. He made an entire video that was entirely just about why he quit Path of Exile. I saw his video, it resonated with me, and I still haven't yet quit Path of Exile. One day I'm going to quit Path of Exile, but apparently it wasn't going to be today.

The only other significant thing that I can recall today is that I walked outside with my dad. We walked around 3 miles, which isn't that much, but it's better than just staying at home and doing nothing all day. My gym which I pay for is closed. My community gym in the neighborhood is also closed. So I can't really go to any gyms to work out. Outdoors is my only option right now, and so it's what I resorted to. I'm just walking for now since I'm not doing a marathon next month after it was cancelled. We are being moved to next year though, but we still have to pay a little bit to participate. We didn't get a refund or anything like that for this year and I think it was $90 per entrant. Next year we have to pay to race again, but we get a discount. Yeah.

Anyway this was an entire 24 hours that I barely remember! What a day, right? This is actually probably better than most Saturdays I've experienced, especially recently. I recall some Saturdays where I would just browse the Internet, for ~16 hours straight. So the fact that I was doing anything different, is a positive in and of itself. The fact that I walked outside for 3 miles, when normally I would walk 0 on a Saturday, is a good improvement I guess.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Mar 23, 2020

Oh hey, I used to play Path of Exile! I played with friends back when there were only four acts. I liked it, but my friends lost interest and it wasn't as much fun playing alone, so I stopped. Most of those friends are part of my current FFXIV group.

Posted On Mar 25, 2020

@Archaius Yeah PoE is fun. I think it's mostly a single player game though, since I've been playing it alone this entire time. There's 10 acts now and an Epilogue. You don't really need to know the story to have fun, I treat it as an arcade game mostly.

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