Oct. 12, 2020

vgmc5 impact

Had a good day. In the morning, watched worlds with HGR. We got to see TSM fail spectacularly to get out of the group stage. They went 0-6 in their group, with a picture perfect ending: in their final game, they were all in the Baron pit (they finally got Baron!!) while the enemy team was quietly stealing their nexus. The commentator was like "Baron for nexus, always a bad trade" lmaooo indeed. Apparently TSM made history by being the first 1 seed to go 0-6 in groups.

After that, numbers and Dante are playing Genshin Impact, so we decided to try it out too. Good stuff! The visuals are stunning, and it's just a fun world to roam around and explore. The elemental system is neat; lots of cool combos and enviromental interaction (freezing enemies when they're wet, using wind on fire enemies to make flame tornadoes, etc.). We both ended up playing for most of the afternoon/evening. It's been a while since I got this immersed in a single-player game, except for Terraria, which doesn't really count because it's a replay. It's a good feeling.

Once we figured out how the gacha currency works, I did a couple 10-draws on the Venti banner and got Barbara. Then HGR did three 10-draws and got three Barbaras LOL. "Fuck me," he said.

Kinda torn on whether to put resources into Kaeya. On the one hand I really like his character design, and I don't particularly like anyone I got via gacha. And he's my only ice unit so far. On the other hand, he's a pretty low-tier unit. Free unit, you get what you pay for.

I gotta say, the rates in this game are hideous. It's less than 1% for a 5* unit, and the draws are mixed units/weapons (and based on our experience so far, it's common to get 0 or 1 units in a 10-draw). I miss The Alchemist Code's 10% 5* rates and all-unit draws.

Written by Achaius

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