Oct. 9, 2020

Internet Is Back

6:49 AM (of Monday, October 12th 2020)

Today is Friday, October 9th 2020 and I guess the big news today is that the Internet is back. It went offline for a good amount yesterday (Thursday), but now it's back! It came back online at around 7 AM this morning.

I don't know whether getting the Internet back was a blessing or a curse. I'm about 50% of the way through the entire Accidental Time Machine book, but I ended up not finishing it after the Internet came back. Over the next few days, I would look at finishing the book, but end up not finishing it.

One thing the Internet coming back ruined was coming back into the office again. It was something I was looking forward to, but with my Internet coming back, I would be able to continue working from home. I woke up pretty early at like 5 or 6 AM, and the Internet was still down. I was fully prepared to go to work, and then the Internet just suddenly came back on.

I ended up working from home, getting a normal amount of items done. After work I just let myself go off and get distracted by things. I got this very lucky opportunity to be able to work on my own project again for one of the Discord groups I'm a mod for, and I told them that I would do my own thing, but I ended up not working on it today. I told myself I'd work on it over the weekend, but even that's something I ended up not doing.

Written by JustMegawatt

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