March 23, 2020




I got a new appointment for the Neurologia as I didn't want to risk when taking that journey in that current situation...

But the person I talked with was friendly. I forgot to say thank you because it went so fast...

The profile picture on WA of someone reminded me of a dragon, although it was just food. So I drew that too.

We've got a few more tasks today. I had finished ethe BWR ones when I noticed "S. 113/114 alle".... Yeah, there still were a few. 20 Tasks! And all those with "advantages, disadvantages" "explain this" "make this plan" and all.... I'll do them next monday. Then I took a shower and after that I did the task in German about relationships of characters in the book "Nathan der Weise", then I went over to my sisters room and drew the group picture for Habitica. There I received emails for WIF; Spanish and math, so I went to print the pages that came with them. When I was finished my flute teacher had called.

I TOTALLY FORGOT we had flute lesson today!! I thought of it this morning, though...

After that I filled in the spanish worksheets and did the WIF task. Programme something with these forms...

I wanted to "draw" a fox... Planning went wrong I guess, it looks strange. But a hundred times better than the Dinosaur before (that was supposed to be a fox like animal as well).

Now I'll take a round of Animal Crossing NL I guess...



I totally forgot we had KG until they phones...

But it was fun, especially, we played at the end.

Once I had DNA but the full word! Desoxyribonukleinsäure. Funny though, I mentioned that today pr yesterday but i don't know why...

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