Oct. 14, 2020

October 14: Day 3 (I missed Day 2)

I spent most of my morning studying for the Math LE about Conic Sections and doing the Filipino Pambansang Wika Timeline. I am pretty sure I failed the long exam but hey it be like that sometimes. I have to improve though. I also passed the filipino timeline 27 seconds before the deadline it was kinda intense.

I also played Moonlighter the RPG dungeon crawler game that looks a m a z i n g. There are only a few important milestones to go through though which kinda brings the fun factor down sadly. After you reach the 3rd floor of the first dungeon the game is just wants you to invest in the upgrades. It's kinda a good game but it's pretty repetitive, especially when you get to the 4th dungeon. I spent most of my time grinding items and escaping while trying not to die. They could've made the dungeon and the shop more related than just collect item sell. You could've gotten a little pouch in the forest dungeon where you could put a tiny lamp to help you explore or something. Maybe you can just discover rare items to show off by exploring or killing bosses. Idk there isn't really much replay value in it apart from... have fun i guess?

I have talked about the Norman Door with my parents and they seemed to encounter a few but have managed to remember after seeing the "push, pull, or slide" signs. A result I did not expect is pushing a door with a handle before attempting to pull it. The door my father encountered in Chowking at Luisita was a bar handle door that had to be pulled to be open. He found it weird how all other similar doors in the area are both push and pull, but this door was a pull-only. 

Dumb Thought in My Head for the day (DTIMH)

If humans share 99.5% of their DNA with monkeys, in a slight chance that a human woman gives birth to a human who by luck got 0.5% of their remaining genes get mutated to that of a monkey, can we say that the child is still human?

Written by PewPew

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