Oct. 16, 2020

The first day

Today is October 16, 2020. Today is the first day of observing my mood. It's the end of the day now, and I feel like today was not a bad day. Today there was no feeling of dismatization, fatigue, anxiety and sense of meaninglessness.

Last night I decided for myself that tomorrow I will not use social networks until 6 pm, and today I did it. I must say that in my opinion, I did not have a feeling of anxiety and disfigurement due to the fact that I did not go to social networks all morning and all day. But this is not yet certain. Tomorrow I will continue to do the same and see what happens.

In the morning I woke up earlier than I should have and I felt good. After I had breakfast I started to study, and for 3 hours of study I was covered. The brain did not perceive the information, the body began to ache and I stopped learning and went for a walk. After the walk, I couldn't work at all and fell asleep (slept for about 3 hours). Then I woke up and had lunch and began to study again, studied for another 3 hours.

What did I notice while watching myself today?

  • I cannot engage in active mental work for more than 2 hours.
  • The lack of social media is good for my mood.
  • Mental work should be alternated with physical work or passive mental work.

That's all for today, let's see how the day goes tomorrow!

PS: sorry for my bad english. I just started to study it!

Written by Samuray

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