Oct. 19, 2020

white stone special with a side of curry puffs

October 8 – why am I looking at pictures of curry puffs at 1 am I'm so hungry

October 8 – LOL I was looking through my twitter bookmarks, forgot I was doing so, saw a post I liked and bookmarked it. I have reached peak overbrowsing. it's time for bed.

(narrator: It was not actually time for bed. It was 6 pm.)

(narrator, an hour later: wait are you actually

me: zzzz)

October 10 – Last time I fought Dad in mid league, I opened with Empoleon and he opened with Giratina-A. So I was like "no problem, I'll switch to my Togekiss" and he was like "no problem, I'll switch to my ICE LAPRAS" and he proceeded to crush me. I was impressed. Dad's learning the ropes in pvp! Go Dad go!

Today we fought again. I opened with Togekiss (thinking that he might not have changed his team since the last time we fought). He opened with Exeggutor; upon seeing it was not very effective, he switched to...Giratina-A. Oops. RIP Dad. Maybe the other battle was just a fluke.

October 12 – One thing about going out on my balcony daily is that it makes every day's weather feel like an important event. Today, for example: Crisp and cheery with a soft sunset sky. The air is dry, but the ground is damp and awash in yellow leaves, remnants of afternoon storms.

October 13 – My roommate, looking at the calendar: "what about...DOUBLE COLUMBUS DAY" dude I wish

October 14 – Now that mercenary usage statistics are a thing, I like to find and hire random Gilgamesh mercs. Partly for solidarity, and partly because I like to imagine the owner going "who on earth is hiring Gilgamesh in the year of our lord 2020"

October 19 – Sodden ground, frigid air, gray-white skies. Even wearing a heavy hoodie and walking as briskly as my small balcony would allow, I couldn't shake the cold. Maybe it's finally time to bust out a jacket. Come to think of it, this is the latest in the year I've ever gone without putting on a jacket.

Written by Achaius

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