Oct. 18, 2020

Some Telegram Drama, Bought a Quest V2

12:57 AM (on Tuesday, October 20th 2020)

Today is Sunday, October 18th and I wrote about a bunch of events that happened today in a private entry. There was quite a bit of drama inside one of the telegram groups I was in. I've now transitioned out of Discord basically, and into Telegram where the chat is more informal and unruly. In Discord there can be multiple channels for any purpose, but on Telegram it's like there's just one main General chat channel and that's where everyone talks. Yeah some dramatic stuff happened in some of the groups I guess.

Today and Yesterday (Saturday, October 17th) I watched some Adam Sandler movies. Today I think I watched Billy Madison and the Waterboy, while the day before I saw Happy Gilmore. I saw a bit of Anger Management and hated it. Happy Gilmore was a great movie though, classic. I also liked the Waterboy. What they both have in common is that the main character has a power ability in a sport, such as Happy's golfing drive and the Waterboy's tackles. I think those kids of movies are fun to watch, I don't know any other ones besides those two and both were played by the same guy.

I ended up ordering a Quest V2 today because it was pretty affordable at $299, compared to the HTC Vive which is ilke $800, and the Quest V1 which was $399. I think VR is fun and I wanted to treat myself I guess. I don't have any VR headsets at home, and it would be cool to play games like Beat Saber or anything else that came out recently. First time I used VR was in 2016 and I was blown away by the HTC Vive. I've seen reviews of the Quest and people say it's basically equivalent to the Vive. So I'm guessing the V2 will be better?

There wasn't much else that I did today. I wanted to go out again at night or early morning, but was too busy in my social media groups.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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