Oct. 20, 2020

First Time Outside In Weeks

8:54 AM (of Wedsenday, October 21st 2020)

Today is Tuesday, October 20th 2020 and it was mainly just another regular working day. Something different happened that night though, I guess I was a little bit bored of both Telegram and Discord and the chats and activities have died down compared to how they were before a lot of the drama, so I decided to go outside tonight.

I drove my car around which I haven't driven around in weeks. I drove to my old workplace, a place I haven't driven to in probably over a year or something. I didn't feel any nostalgia going to the area, a lot of the place has been renovated and entirely new buildings are there now. Right across my workplace there used to be this huge parking lot, and now a huge building sits there. I think the building is for condos or apartments, and it costs over $3000 probably a month there.

After driving for a while, when I got home, I didn't go inside right away. I went outside for a walk, and I walked probably a bit over 10k steps. It felt so much harder to move being heavier, I didn't think I would feel it, but I do feel it. It's like walking around with extra weight wrapped around your stomach, that's what gaining weight feels like. It felt more sluggish to run and climb up hills. Anyway I walked for over an hour because I wanted to get used to it.

When I got home, I just went ahead and launched my own project. Without talking to anyone on Discord or Telegram about it. I knew how to do it, and so I could do it if I wanted. So I did, and without any advertising or marketing or whatever, it did pretty well. I would say it did okay. If anything, this made me realize I can do things by myself without having to "consult" or "work with" any other people. The reason I don't is because I'm afraid to do things by myself I guess. But I shouldn't be, as I learned tonight.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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