March 22, 2020

Sunday which I don't remember much of

7:38 (of Wednesday, March 25th 2020)

Today is Sunday, March 22nd 2020. What did I do today? Hmm that's a good question. I don't actually remember much of what I did today. I think I walked outside with my dad again for 3 miles though, which is pretty much the highlight of the day.

I don't recall watching any shows or movies or anything like that. I'm pretty sure I did watch a bunch of Daily Rant Australia videos though while playing Path of Exile, since I did that on Saturday night. It's quite fun listening to Daily Rant Australia's stories on why he's a misanthrope, how he almost bought a house, how he became a vegetarian in Japan after watching fish get chopped up and got sick several times from the raw food there, what his daily exercises are, and so on. This guy is very fit, every morning he does several reps of handstands each lasting 45 seconds, does several reps of several pull-ups, I think he does some running, and a bunch of other exercises. Is this guy even human? I would like to be as fit as him.

I know my mom was also at home because it was the weekend. I think she spent a lot of time just cleaning up everywhere. I think she likes cleaning because she dusts everything in the house and cleans up almost every room, except my room most of the time, but sometimes she cleans it too. Oh yeah I remember she used a lot of something that made my bathroom smell like a strong acidic soap substance. I hated it. I dislike other scents that aren't just fresh natural air, which smells like nothing. My bathroom is actually quite clean most of the time, unless I shave, then there can be bits of hair that I miss cleaning up. Due to seeing some small bits of black hair which I missed cleaning up, she goes on a crazy rampage using some very strong soap materials thinking the entire place and yells at me afterwards.

I try to get all my hair from the sink and the area around the sink. It's just impossible to get every single piece because there's so many. Oh, but my mom is able to get all the pieces, so it is actually possible, maybe I just don't try hard enough. It seems like I do though.

Yeah in the afternoon I walked outside with my dad again. We took the same path yesterday except we went the other direction first. It's kind of like going to a school racetrack you could circle it going to the left first or going to the right side first, either way you end up in the same place and pass by all the same places. It's exactly like that. We take this looping path where we pass by exactly the same places, one is the left path and the other is the right path. We took the left path today just because we normally always take the right path. We passed by a lot of people just walking around. There wasn't a strict lockdown in this area or anything, although a lot of people were cautious of passing by one another.

I started jogging in a very slow pace while walking a few feet in front of my dad. My dad and I don't look that similar, I look like a Chinese and my dad looks like he's from South America with his dark skin and non-Asiatic features. So I was jogging at this extremely slow pace to match the walking pace of my dad. There was this guy we passed by that giggled at me thinking I just ran slow. LOL. Actually I have no idea why he giggled, that is just how I interpreted it, it could have been that he had a funny memory while walking by and laughed. Yeah random memories and events can pop up while walking outside. I walk outside a lot and that can happen sometimes, it's happened to me a few times.

Anyway today was such another insignificant day that I barely remember it. I need to write my entries the day of, so that more details can be written.

Written by JustMegawatt

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