Oct. 23, 2020

Oculus Quest 2 Arrived Today

2:35 PM (of Saturday, October 24th 2020)

Today is Friday, October 23rd 2020 and it was a pretty normal day for the most part. At work I had something due today, but I wasn't able to finish it.

3:18 PM (of Sunday, October 25th 2020)

Today is still Friday, October 23rd 2020 and like I said previously, it was a very normal day for the most part until the evening. Though I'm not certain, I'm pretty sure that in the morning I walked around outside and that was the first thing I did. I think I just went around the neighborhood three times and then went back home. It was a little cold out.

At work there was a big thing that was due today, and it was something I've been working on all week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it, and I told my boss I'd work on it a bit over the weekend and see what I could get done. There's so many things to do though that I'm still not sure if I can finish it even using the weekend.

After work, around 5:30 PM, the Oculus Quest 2 that I ordered arrived. The packaging was excellent. It reminds me of Apple product packaging. Though not quite as good, this packaging was excellent. There were only a few things in the box, and the manual was tiny! The only thing the manual had was some basic warnings and some instructions on how to turn on the device. It didn't even have text for instructions in some cases, just step by step drawings.

Anyway I was able to figure it out, and I turned it on, installed the Oculus app on my phone, and even created a new Facebook account because I had to have a Facebook to use it. I still have my main Facebook account that has over a thousand friends, but I disabled that account years ago and I don't want to use it anymore. Technically I could re-activate it at any time, I just don't see why I would.

I bought a few games such as Beat Saber and Richie's Plank Experience. In my opinion these are the best VR games, not that I've played many others. I played the HTC Vive back in 2016 when someone in my old workplace brought it in. There were actually two instances of people bringing in their HTC Vive to the office, two separate individuals, but I only played one guy's. It was during some Friday night party, it honesty came out of nowhere. He brought in this ginormous $5000 gaming PC that was like 60 pounds heavy and it needed a trolley to move around, and he just set it up in the office and let people play that Friday gaming night. It was so random.

I never knew that kind of technology even existed, but it blew my mind the first time I tried it. I was so blown away that I told my cousin about it, and then he ended up buying one just based on my recommendation. I couldn't afford it and I didn't have a machine that could run it, but he could and he did, so he bought it. I played it a few times over at his house, and it was awesome.

That was years ago, come 2020 I wanted to buy an Oculus Quest a few months ago, back when they kept showing those ads on YouTube. The cheapest Quest was $399 at the time, and it was sold out everywhere all the time. So I didn't end up getting one. This might have been back in August. And then a few months later, they come out with a totally new Quest 2 that is $100 cheaper than the predecessor and has improved specs. I bought one as soon as I found out. The people who bought 3 months ago must be so pissed at Facebook for doing such a thing, making their system obsolete shortly after the massive amounts of Quest ads playing and Quest 1 selling out.

I played the Quest 2 for a few hours, I played some Beat Saber and Richie's Plank Experience. The first time I played the Plank Experience game at my cousin's house, I was so freaked out. I felt the same way tonight after playing it. I actually couldn't walk off the plank for a few times I played the game. I walked off eventually though and it wasn't so scary anymore.

For Beat Saber, I think I played Normal difficulty for a few games, and then went to hard mode shortly after. Hard difficulty is fun, it's a good level to be at. I think Hard should be the new normal, because it's not really that hard since I was able to get it within the first day or two of playing. Anyway I did something cool and I played Beat Saber on my balcony. This was awesome. I got to feel the cool air blowing around me and I was sort of outdoors while playing this game. This was a great experience. I enjoy playing on my balcony more than playing indoors.

I love the cold. I take cold showers. I think I want to move more north in the future, because it's getting hot where I am. There's not really "cold" anymore, just "cool" and I can often be outside wearing shirts and a short, even when everyone else is wearing thick jackets and it's snowing. But my parents yell at me all the time not to do this, warning me that I would get sick, and so I do wear a jacket just to get them to step yelling at me. I'm still able to get away with wearing only shorts most of the time though.

Anyway the Quest 2 was a fun experience. The only problem is the hole for the nose cover, it's kind of too big, and I can see the ground through the hole if I look down. Other than that, I would rate it a 10/10. Oh actually, for Beat Saber, sometimes my sabers would disappear or fly all over the place. I've had it happen a few times and I'm not sure the cause, but it does mess up my gameplay and flow. Due to those two things, I'd rate the Quest 2 a 9/10, but if those things were fixed I'd rate it a 10/10. Everything else is perfect.

Written by JustMegawatt

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