March 23, 2020

First Monday Working From Home

8:10 (of Wednesday, March 25th 2020)

Today is Monday, March 23rd 2020. It's my first day Monday working from home today. There were some days when I worked from home at my previous job, but those weren't decided ahead of time. I would basically just say yeah I want to work from home today, and then work from home. At my current job though, working from home normally isn't even allowed. I worked from home today because of the quarantine, and knew I would be working from home today, right from the weekend up to this morning. I think that's the first time I experienced that too.

There was some big assignments given to me this morning. I worked through it like normal, though it wasn't going to get done today or even this week, except this time I had the accompaniment of YouTube to help me out of my boredom. I played some videos in the background while working, some more of Daily Rant Australia's videos. I've seen almost all of them at this point, but they're just so entertaining. Around 1 PM there was a knock on my door and a UPS guy delivered a package. It was a laptop from one of the projects I needed to work on. I set that up and continued working on the current project, later switching to helping out with the other client with one of their issues too.

I thought it would be cool to receive a laptop from a client just so I could do work for them. It was just a normal Dell laptop though, maybe a few years old, it was thick and clunky like older laptops were. Yeah, it wasn't as cool or as exciting as I thought it would be after that.

When the time hit around 5:30 PM, I called it a day and shut down their laptop and disconnected from their network with my laptop. Whew. I then played some Path of Exile, ate some food. I think I watched some more YouTube videos.

I learned that Coronavirus is a form of disease called a Zoonotic Disease, which are diseases we get from animals. The list of zoonotic diseases is long, some examples are avian flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, and AIDS. We could prevent these viruses and more if we didn't get in contact with any animals to kill them for meat, and the viruses evolve too so they can get worse and worse overtime. HIV/AIDS for example is hypothesized to be from a butcher who had an open would while cutting monkey meat. I think the world would be a better place if we just stopped eating meat in general, but nah, the world is too insane to listen and is okay with violence behind closed slaughterhouse doors.

I wanted to walk outside today but my dad said the weather was too foggy outside. He got sick a long time ago before while walking in the mist, and I can see how bacteria can more easily get into your body when you breathe the fog since they're living on the tiny water molecules floating in the air, and you breathe a lot of these each time you breathe. But still, I knew I wouldn't get sick from it, not sure about my dad, but he just did not like the idea of walking outside during a misty day when there was this coronavirus scare going on.

So I just ended up staying at home the entire time. That was pretty much my day today, surprised I actually remembered quite a bit.

Written by JustMegawatt

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