Oct. 25, 2020

25 - 10 - 20

I tried going on a walk today. This was because the weather was perfect for the occasion: it was cold and foggy with a slight drizzle. However, by the time I got halfway from the garden to the forest paths, my cat starting meowing at me. It was a pitiful meow, the heart wrenching type. She wanted to walk with us because she feels the need to spend every hour in our presence (which is adorable), but she didn't want to walk in the rain. She simply did not want us to go on a walk.

I am a little upset that I did not get to go on a proper walk this morning, because it is quite rare for me to wake up early and be motivated to do anything right afterwards, but, I'm going to college next year, so any moment I can spend trying to make my baby happy is well worth it. <3

Written by ZED

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