Feb. 23, 2020


2020/02/23 🍋


Technical shift, yay

And I totally forgot the cocoa I brought along ... But I got the monthly song now ^^

I've burned the final CD too. And wrote the txt file. *

I wrote "show yourself" from that video in a compose program... It's just the trial version, bit if that doesn't work properly I won't buy the full version. It mixed the lyrics up a dozens of time! And even know it's not correct, but i already printed it.

I wanted to make a pidgeon origami but again, there was one step I didn't understand. .. sad

I've got an advertisement for paperio3D... My sister already had it so i downloaded it. My first try: ca. 52%, ca. 36 kills, unlocked seal, deer and wolf skin. Yay. Now I'll use the wolf ^^. She didn't know I had Paperio2 and that I knew how it worked so she was surprised a bit.



(31.05.2020): I think the week before KatJa ordered 10 CD's and a few others so 13 in total. I got all except one because that was supposed to be of a different service and there it said it was too much data. I didn't know what to do and as I didn't have a key (still don't have) I had to go. And I had forgotten to write the txt info file from that day.

Written by Plesi`

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