March 24, 2020

Worked From Home, Walked Outside, Jogged, Not Much Else

8:30 (of Wednesday, March 25th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, March 24th 2020. I had a somewhat productive day today. Work is where I was mostly productive. I didn't do much in terms of my personal life before or after work though.

I was given another project yesterday evening, it would be something I would start working on today. Okay, fair enough. Except this other client sent me a laptop so I could do some work from them while I'm at home. My boss told me to do work for the laptop client first, and then switch over to this new project later in the afternoon. Okay, fair enough. I finished something for this client and by around 12:30 I switched projects. Actually at around 12:30 I started eating lunch and I watched some YouTube videos while eating lunch. At around 13:30 I got back to work and started on this new project.

Around 15:30 I walked outside with my dad since we missed out on yesterday's walk. It was a pretty good walk. We went up and down this road path and it was nice and relaxing. There were still quite a number of cars out on the road, there were also a bunch of other people walking by. It was a good day out too. I resumed work when we got back home and managed to complete maybe 30% of the requirements for this new task. I think I can finish the rest of it all tomorrow given that I have the whole day to work on it then. We'll see though.

Around 7 PM I went out for a run outside. It was getting dark so I didn't run much. No warmups or stretches beforehand because I knew I had to start running right away or else it would get dark too fast. I think those activities before a run really help out though. I started jogging around a minute or two after going outside, so pretty much right away. I just went out, walked over to the sidewalk, and started running. I ran less than a mile the entire time though since I turned around and went home quickly. I knew a lot of areas would be closed because it was dark out and I just didn't feel like continuing to run anymore, so I turned around and went back home.

I didn't do much at home. I could have updated my journal entries since I was behind a few days, but for some reason I didn't. I watched some YouTube videos and ate some dinner, and I went to sleep at around 11 PM which is early compared to my normal sleep times (like 2 AM or so). I went to sleep so early because I had nothing else to do. I tried playing Path of Exile with my Scion character, I died twice, and it was so boring. Just going around, casting spells, and healing, killing stuff, leveling up, it was so boring. I was so bored of the game.

Anyway that was my Tuesday.

Written by JustMegawatt

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