Oct. 26, 2020

these mortals are not so easily bested (redux)

I entered the chat just as numbers was saying, "I kicked newbie for saying uwu."

"That's fair," said Dante. "That's a fair kick."



Can't believe we've been fighting this dude since literally July.

Also, flashback to March 1, nearly eight months ago:

[1:10 AM] Kanzaris: Beat Ifruda

[1:10 AM] Kanzaris: No boss scares me anymore

[1:10 AM] Kanzaris: I can die now

[1:10 AM] Kanzaris: flops

We're now officially less than eight months behind the curve. yeahhh go us

We had a heartbreaking loss at 0.1% that occurred because numbers was trying to use the limit break and accidentally took the skill off his bar (despite it being locked) and had to go fumbling through menus to find it again. No blame, it was a panic situation. But after that we were tilted and tired and our play started deteriorating. Silver suggested we take a 10-minute break to cool off. I hopped out on the balcony for some fresh air and returned ready to DO DAMAGE and NOT STAND IN AOES. (True fact: Luis wiped the raid twice by literally just standing in the blue circle before conflag strike.) About 30 minutes later, we got our clear. It was a completely deathless run for everyone; smooth sailing.

I got an 8% parse. My damage was even hotter garbage than usual because I was attacking the wrong Ifrit/Garuda target during the entire third phase lmaooooo. In that phase, half of us are assigned to fight Ifrit, while the other half fight Garuda, and everyone gets a debuff that renders them unable to damage the other target. But Dante was out of position at the start of the phase, which mixed up the team assignments, and I was too much of a goob to notice myself doing literally no damage for a full minute.

But the important part is WE BEAT IFRIT wooooo. I made chocolate chip cookies in the evening to celebrate our glorious victory, and then HGR and I played Terraria with newbie. A great day all around.

Written by Achaius

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