Oct. 25, 2020

Lost Another Phone, Played Expert in Beat Saber

7:33 AM (of Monday, October 26th 2020)

I started off this morning by walking outdoors, around 3 miles. That was an awesome start to the day, and I really enjoy starts like this. Afterwards when I got home, I think I just played a bunch of Beat Saber until the battery died out. When the Quest 2 arrived a few days ago, I immediately bought Beat Saber as I think, the second game, after Plank Experience. I played the Normal difficulty for like a few songs, and then I immediately went to Hard. Hard wasn't even that hard to me, it just felt normal.

Prior to this I had played Beat Saber a handful of times at other venues like at my cousin's house and at this VR place in Singapore. Anyway today I was able to beat a song in the Expert level. I think Reason For Living by Morgan Page was the first Expert song I beat. After that I was able to beat other songs in Expert such as Origins and Be There For You, which are my two favorite songs so far by the way. Origins is my favorite song by far, I just like how it starts off slow but motivating and then drops the beat. My favorite song by far. And then I was able to beat a a bunch of other songs in Expert in Vol 1, because those songs are really easy even in Expert. Legends was especially easy, I think it's the easiest Expert song by far out of all the ones I played.

I kept playing until the battery died out, and then I would charge it up, watch some videos or nap, and then play again until the battery died. This happened a few times.

For the videos I watched, I watched some playthroughs of the Accounting+ game. I loved the genuine reactions to people accidentally finding the secret Number One Fan level and their reactions to the horror that comes after. I seriously enjoyed how the game turned from light-mature comedy to horror after finding that level, and seeing people's reactions to it. There was one guy that was seriously distressed by it, because it came out of nowhere. Other people though, they would do things incorrectly and didn't experience the full horror of the levels such as not looking up at the ceiling for the VR King level, not looking back once they reach the door either, and then going to the baby carriage first instead of the monster. There were so many missed opportunities for those, but the game doesn't force you to do those steps so they missed out.

I played the horror part of the Accounting+ part myself, after watching the videos, and I was still freaked out even though I knew what would happen. At the baby carriage part, I picked up the battery and knew the music was going to turn off and I would be returned to the main menu, but I still freaked out and thought something different would happen. I also looked at the ceiling in the VR King part and even though I knew what would be there, I was still a little shocked and I wanted to run out of there fast.

At night I continued to play Beat Saber and found the Fit Beat song that required the player to dodge a bunch of obstacles. Now I couldn't beat the first section of that song on Expert, so I just played it on Hard and that one was easy. I think there should be another intermediary between Hard and Expert, because the jump in skill level between the two is large. Hard goes in slow motion for me now, and I can pretty much complete every song on hard without missing a note. However I still end up missing like 1 or two notes or something just because it can be hard to get a perfect even if you can get it. One slip-up or something would cause an entire song to not be perfect anymore, and that can happen at any time.

Anyway I played out in my balcony each time, getting the cool air in. I feel a lot better in the cold and I'm starting to feel physically more active now. I felt a lot of things improving for me physically thanks to walking 3 miles that morning and then playing Beat Saber in Expert throughout the day.

Oh yeah, this morning while I was taking my morning log photos, my mom was impatient and knocked the tripod as she was trying to move this broom that was under it. Why couldn't she have waited like 30 seconds as I was taking a photo? Anyway she knocked down my phone and it fell to the ground, and it broke. It displayed this "No Battery" sign, like a battery with that "No" cross over it, similar to "No Smoking". It didn't display "Empty Battery" which is that battery icon without a charge, it displayed "No Battery" and I couldn't turn it on afterwards. Even when plugged in, it wouldn't turn on. So there goes another phone that broke this year. I ended up ordering another phone after that. No calls or texts for a while.

Written by JustMegawatt

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