Oct. 27, 2020

Nosy new neighbors

For almost two weeks, my neighbors have been looking out for me outside their window, wondering if I am really "doing my homeworks". I don't know why I have to prove myself that I am doing my homeworks just because my parents are not around. They thought I'm not doing my homeworks just because I don't answer my books, and that they always see me having my tab with me. Well, most of my work requires editing and typing. There are some subjects that does require us to answer from our textbooks. I mean I have my older sibling with me who knows everything what I do inside the house. I don't need your assistance for I am old enough to remind myself of my responsibilities. I think that they don't know that I am beyond the age of an elementary, but sadly my height doesn't show that 😞 it's hard being a pikachu xd. I guess don't judge a book by its cover? I mean I've been around this neighborhood for years already and I know the people around here and who knows me too. I've never met such people like them. Mostly, people on my neighborhood would just mind their own business.

Just wanted to release this one out, 'cause it has been bothering me for a while.😪 I feel like I'm being judged on what I do :((

Written by s_t_4_r

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