Oct. 26, 2020

Played Beat Saber Online and Slept Early

8:46 AM (of Tuesday, October 27th 2020)

Today is Monday, October 26th 2020 and it was just another normal workday. The main difference between today and other workdays though is that I had my Quest 2! So I was able to take a break during lunch and play some Beat Saber, getting some workout and cardio in for fun.

This morning was really disappointing though. I woke up, with intent to go out and walk immediately. After using the bathroom, I put on my jacket and was about to head outside, but my mom moved my sandals to the balcony and it was wet and cold, like freezing cold. The sandals being cold and wet deterred me from walking outside that morning. I think I watched videos for a few hours on my laptop, and then I played some Beat Saber I think right before work.

Work was alright, there was work I said would be completed on Friday, but it turned out being delayed. I worked on it a lot more today and got a lot done. I think it will be ready to turn in tomorrow.

During lunchtime I took a break and just played Beat Saber. I played Beat Saber online for the first time today, and I played Hard difficulty with people online. Hard is actually not that hard to me anymore, and it feels like it goes in slow motion. I also tried out Expert level and that was more of my level. I was able to win one of the levels actually, it was one of the expert songs I played frequently.

After work I basically just played Beat Saber until I felt tired enough to go to sleep. There were some "Hard" difficulty songs that I actually failed at, songs by Camellia I had never played before. After gaming, I ate dinner, which was just rice and lentils, and then I took like a 30 minute break or something, but then I went to sleep right after. This is one of the earliest days I ever went to sleep, looking at my history I went to sleep at around 9:30 PM. That's quite amazing. Anyway I was so tired from playing that the next day I woke up at 7 AM. That's like 10 hours of sleep!! Normally I get 5-6 hours, so getting that much sleep is the best feeling ever.

Anyway I'll continue what happens next in tomorrow's entry.

Written by JustMegawatt

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