Oct. 27, 2020

27 - 10 - 20

I wrote a letter to my friend yesterday! I used my new golden sealing wax to stamp it, which was fun. I'm thinking of sending her another letter soon, if only just to talk about the pitiful state of politics in this country. That is to say - the election is coming up soon and I'm scared it's going to be like 2016 all over again.

Now moving on to good news, I saw my dad put a collar on my cat and give her a head scratch before letting her outside! He usually puts up a front where he acts as if he hates pets but it was really nice to see. It made me happy. :)

I found a new method to motivate myself to do classwork and homework! I still use my dark academia Tumblr blog, but I discovered that along with studyblr there's also a studytube! I've been using "study with me" videos with pomodoro timers and I managed to work a whole 3 hours with 10 minute breaks every 50 mins! This is impressive for my ADD to be able to handle! I enjoy the calming and focusing vibes of the videos. I downloaded a pomodoro timer app on my phone and I'm planning on exploring studygram for note taking inspiration.

This is nice, I feel more in control of my life. I'm also doing sport daily and distancing myself from social media. Things are pretty good for me mentally. My goals now are to finish my college applications and get a better hold on my late work recovery.

Written by ZED

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