Oct. 27, 2020

Getting Back Into a Productive Groove

8:13 AM

Today is Tuesday, October 27th 2020 and I had a very productive day today. I fell asleep last night at around 9:30 PM, and I woke up this morning at a little bit before 7 AM. I had around 9 hours and 30 minutes of sleep last night!! That's freaking incredible. Normally I would only get about 5-6 huors of sleep a night, but last night was different. I decided to sleep early because I was listening to the Rich Roll Podcast while working and they were just talking about how important sleep was and how vital it was to sleep before 10 PM.

I wanted to see if there was any difference between sleeping early and sleeping late, and I think there is. I tired myself out yesterday by playing Beat Saber for probably 4-5 hours, so it was an easy transition to sleeping. When I woke up, I don't know if I had more energy or not, but I did feel a little bit more refreshed than normal. I ended up walking outside about 3.3 miles this morning and then playing Beat Saber for about 30 minutes to an hour before work started. One thing that might indicate more energy is that I "messed up" 3 times today, which is a lot and is very energy draining, and I didn't take any naps or anything after.

Anyway, I was fully concentrated with work for several hours straight. Probably 6 hours of straight up working, no breaks. This was because I was supposed to turn in some work on Friday, but I didn't finish it then. I tried doing it over the weekend, but I was kinda too tired to do that since I was just playing Beat Saber the entire weekend, so I didn't work on it that much. Monday, I didn't finish it then. I finished a lot yesterday (Monday), but I didn't finish. Today I just put on some music, and then put my nose to the grindstone and worked the entire time. There were times I wanted to take a break and play some Beat Saber, but I fought against it because I knew I had work to get done. I finished at around 7 PM.

Afterwards I played Beat Saber for a bit. Maybe like 30 minutes, and then I went back in and watched a movie. I was a little tired man, I wasn't in the mood for playing Beat Saber anymore after working. Also my arms were a bit sore from playing Beat Saber all weekend. Somehow, I replayed some of the easy "Expert" difficulty songs such as Origins and Reason For Living, which I played both in Expert but they are really easy songs. I somehow got high scores in both, even though I was feeling fatigued and it felt like missed a lot of notes. Weird! I thought I was at my peak over the weekend when I played these two songs and set high scores, but I was able to beat them tonight without even trying. These are personal high scores, not global or world records or anything.

The movie I watched at home was Wall Street from 1987. I didn't finish the movie because it got boring after the climax. But I'm surprised I have never seen this movie before. It's where the phrase "Greed Is Good" originated, and I would say the climax of the film was that speech where he says something close to that phrase. I've known about this phrase for a long time, because it was a cheat code in Warcraft 3 to give you any amount of money, and I used that a few times, but I never knew where the phrase originated.

I thought it was an okay movie. The thing that surprised me is how modern it all is. It's a 1987 film, but it feels just as real today. I wasn't even born yet when that movie came out, and to me it feels weird people were behaving the same way as they did today. I mean people still had to work, those jobs that existed back then still existed today, they had a bunch of computers at people's desks which we still have today, everything was basically the same.

Anyway I went to sleep shortly afterwards. I fell asleep at around 12:30 AM, which was a lot later than yesterday. I need to sleep earlier for tomorrow.

Written by JustMegawatt

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