Oct. 28, 2020

29 - 10 - 20

The power cut out today. Some kid on my street ran outside and started yelling "freedom!" I got to finish my college essay though - I sent it to my teacher to help me get a stronger conclusion, but I'm basically done! It's raining right now but I'm going to go volunteer at my school in two-ish hours. I need to get another ten volunteer hours to be able to graduate. I got my period again - this is the third time this month... Things are strange today. It seems like it should be a bad day but I'm doing well and I am happy.

I need to water my plants, I haven't been doing that enough. I really hope I get into a college that I like. I'm so scared for the outcome of this election; I've been writing so many letters to my friend in London that I've run out of stamps. I doubted this whole journaling thing but writing down how I feel and what's going on is kinda helpful. It's nice.

Anyways, this is supposed to be gratitude journaling. I need to write down something that made me happy today... Let's see... Cuddling with my cat this morning was nice. I enjoyed the texture of the freeze-dried strawberries in my cereal - they had a nice crunch. I'm grateful that I've been able to complete my essay, and I'm very grateful for my English teacher - she's been so helpful this year with the essay and the late work. :) I asked her to be one of my college references but I may be a little late in asking for that. She's cool though, I even recommended this website to her, or rather, just the habit of gratitude journaling.

Written by ZED

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