March 25, 2020




The new MKT Challenge is out with Hammer bro and boomerang bro this week, and ice/fire bro next week. I want the boomerang.

I had saved some rubys and could draw two times (thanks to a gift). I got Pauline (again), the cloudy storm glider, birdo (again) and... eh... there was another good thing I got new. I don't remember. Anyway

I finished all the new Reli and ENglish tasks.

I just played ACNL, I visited my mom's town and sorted her flowers. She saved frequently but when I was there to review her house, the connection broke. I don't know when she last saved but it seems like not much is lost. Next time I can do the rest, if there is something.

Looks like I can play ACNH at my sister's game after lunch :)

Tomorrow I'll do BWR and German. If I recall correctly, that's also the only thing left to do for this week (both task are until holidays anyway)

Quick Habitica Check says: Yes. Strangely, we have't heard a single sing for VWL. Although that's one of the subjects we need to catch up the most.

Yesterday I started drawing Saphí as a Seapony, I still need to do the background.


I could play ACNH, yay ( ^ • ^ ) /

And the same thing as to her happenedto me. Suddenly a tarantula (red knee birdie spider) attacked me from the side!! 

The second one i saw also attacked me as i underestimated her eyesight. The third one, more my sister caught it than i did, the fourth was caughtby me but with her distance telling and the last one i found my sister wasn'tin the room so i had to guess myseof. Oh, and the spider before: it was near the cliff so i knew i wouldn't be able to catch it

 I waited, but it always came back there. Then i thought, what if i came fromtye side? I can'ttell if it would have worked because she movedbut whatever.

 I wanted to buy the blue bag from Schubert, but not enough money... Next time I'll get it. 


Written by Plesi`

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