Oct. 29, 2020

29 - 10 - 20

An update - it started raining and I had to close my window. I'm lucky to have three windows put together right next to my bed. I can work on my bed and look out the windows at the dancing leaves. Well, they're running now, not really dancing in circles anymore.

Sometimes I dream of my perfect home. What would be your perfect home? Mine would be someplace in nature with privacy, but also relatively close to work. Someplace with good food, maybe in France, or in Canada. Probably in Canada though, a place with French food with people who speak English, but with better politics than both the U.S., the U.K. and France. I like cold weather too. But I do want to grow fruit trees on my property too, and they need warm weather. I want a small home with some nice polished dark wood as some part of it. I love the smell of old polished wood. Maybe the floors or the part of the staircase you hold on to, or maybe just a table or a bookshelf made of wood. I'll have a small collection of maybe a hundred or so of my favorite books. I love the smell of books. I'll have a Persian rug in the library too. I don't need a bedroom, can just put a mattress in the library. I will have quite a few floor pillows and bean bags too. I'd like a room with big windows for adequate natural lighting to use as an art studio, perhaps the attic. I would like to have a nice bathroom and a nice kitchen too. Something bigger with a minimalist and natural vibe. I do spend a lot of time in those places. I hope I can merge the laundry room and the bathroom into one room, like those fancy houses in Japan. It just makes more sense. I won't have much furniture, the only stuff will probably be in the art studio and a table to eat on. If I don't eat on the kitchen island, the table will probably serve as a study/work space. Oh, and it will be one of those low tables you see in Japan, where you sit on a pillow instead of a chair. I'll have my own herb garden and compost bin near a backdoor somewhere near the kitchen too. I'll probably grow root vegetables around there too, like onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, and probably some squash, watermelon, tomatoes and beans too. Everything I grow will be useful, either edible or medicinal, or crucial to the survival of native pollinators. I will have some plants indoors that will just be for the sake of having houseplants.

Now, to the fun part. I will have a massive greenhouse!! I will grow fruit trees!! Now, I recently read an article about how scientists made glow in the dark plants - these will be in my greenhouse. I will have ferns, moss, and mushrooms! Imaging how breathtaking it would be to spend the night in a glowing greenhouse! Also, in the middle of the greenhouse I will have a giant bathtub with a tiled mosaic floor and walls. I say bathtub because pools are bad for the environment, and I don't plan on having this constantly filled.

In this situation I will either adopt a lot of cats, possibly a fox and a crow too, or I will foster a lot of cats.

I want to be able to dress like a Greek goddess and roam my property like a ghost in flowing robes. I want to be able to dress like a witch and spend my days reading with my cats whilst sipping on tea. I want to be able to just wear overalls and spend my time painting and potting. I am determined to reach this goal in my life. This is my only goal in life, other than vaguely being interested in working in criminology, psychology, or art. Building my safe space as a real place that belongs to me is what I want in life.

I also ordered a bullet journal and pastel highlighters off of amazon the other day! I have about 3 or 4 notebooks that I use separately as a planner, shopping lists, to do lists, vague ideas and goals, health tracker, etc. and I'm hoping to put all of those in one place with this new bullet journal. :)

Written by ZED

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