Oct. 29, 2020

Rainy Walk, Work Raise, Frozen Credit Card

8:51 AM (of Friday, October 30th 2020)

Today is Thursday, October 29th 2020 and it was a pretty good day today. I started off the morning with using the bathroom and then I went outside to go for a walk. It was heavily raining out, so I brought an umbrella and wore a windbreaker jacket with shorts.Stepping out into the cold was piercing, I could just feel the cold and water hitting up my legs which were exposed.

I walked about a block, and it was so cold I turned around and went back in. I was about to give up, but I don't know exactly what made me go outside again, but I went outside again and walked. I walked the normal 3.3 mile route I take in the morning, except this time it took me about 20-25 minutes longer than usual just because of the heavy rain. It was windy too, so I often had to hold my umbrella a little bit sideways so that rain didn't hit my face.

When I got back home, I worked. I had things to do right from the get-go, and I worked on those items throughout the day. I took a break during lunchtime and played Beat Saber for an hour before returning indoors and continuing to work. My co-worker told me he got a recent boost in his paycheck, and I checked mine, I also got a boost. My boss told me recently that he negotiated a raise for me, thanks so much. Thank you too to my employers for their generosity.

After work I played Beat Saber until the battery on my Quest 2 died. After that I watched random videos online.

Oh, my credit card was frozen temporarily, due to a lot of random purchases I've made recently. I called up my bank and asked them to unfreeze it, they named off the "suspicious" transactions which I just allowed, because I made them. My new phone also arrived today, and none of my SIM cards would work for it, so I had to order a new one. It was $1 with $4 shipping, and my credit card was declined. This event is what prompted me to call up my bank and ask them to unfreeze it. I also got a voice message on my home phone that my credit card was frozen, but I didn't believe it.

And yeah that was basically my entire day. I played around with setting up my cell phone for a bit, but there wasn't much else. I think I could have walked outside or something that night, but it was a bit cold and dark, and I was just kinda too lazy to do it. Also I worked on homework tonight which was easy because there wasn't much to do.

Written by JustMegawatt

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