Oct. 31, 2020

🦇 31 - 10 - 20 🦇


fuck yeah.

This is my favorite time of year.

Anyways, yesterday I got a facial, this was my first time outside in what? 8? months. Don't worry, precautions were taken, like masks, gloves, temp checks, frequent hand washing and disinfecting, etc. The point is, I got some plant peel activator, whatever that is, in my eye and holy shit it burnt so bad, and now I am SUPER light sensitive which sucks. I can't see shit. I need to get sunglasses. I never use sunglasses. This sucks, I used to be able to look at the sun and be fine but I feel like a vampire now ugh. And with so much time spent indoors, my tan, almost caramel toned skin, is now peach with olive undertones. It looks white. I mean, I am white, but growing up in Africa did definitely do something to my skin - people used to call me Mowgli, although, that could also be due to the fact that as a child I enjoyed climbing trees in my underwear. But I can now feel the sun working on burning my skin even through windows! It is not a comfortable sensation! I used to be able to sit in the sun for hours and never get burnt!! TF. Maybe I am turning into a vampire... It WOULD match my aesthetic, but I'm vegetarian... Well, I would rather drink human blood than animal blood - the world is overpopulated anyways. And I am SURE that it would not be hard to find a shitty person to dispose of. If I am turning into a vampire, why the hell haven't I gotten any super strength or speed? That's not fair. I guess I already have super vision, I basically have 20/20 but I'm also far sighted. Though staring at a screen all day for online school is probably ruining that. I'll try to find more super powers and keep y'all updated on my apparent vampire transformation.

Happy Halloween!

PS: If you have any fun historical facts about the season please share them! I would love to learn more about Halloween lore!

Written by ZED

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